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ON POYNT Standard Package

ON POYNT Standard Package

SKU: 005



- 9 ready-to-use videos, professionally crafted and optimized for social media platforms

- Conversion of 9 videos into flat posts, suitable for various social media channels

- Creation of 5 custom hashtags tailored to your brand and audience

- Resizing of videos for multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

- Personalization options to include your branding elements

- Perfect for businesses seeking a comprehensive social media solution with added customization and platform optimization

  • The file license policy for ON POYNT

    The file license policy for assets purchased from ON WYT Product Photography delineates a unique dual ownership arrangement, emphasizing joint ownership between the purchaser (Licensee) and ON WYT Product Photography. Acknowledging shared rights, the policy grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license for commercial use and modification of the assets while highlighting the retained copyright and intellectual property rights held by ON WYT Product Photography. Permitted uses encompass commercial endeavours such as marketing and branding, alongside modification rights, though resale or redistribution is explicitly prohibited without prior written consent. Additionally, the policy mandates appropriate attribution to ON WYT Product Photography in public-facing materials and publications. In the event of a breach, ON WYT Product Photography reserves the right to terminate the license agreement, ensuring compliance with the outlined terms. The policy also includes provisions for indemnification and limitation of liability, protecting ON WYT Product Photography from potential claims arising from the Licensee's use of the assets. Governed by the laws of a specified jurisdiction, this policy serves as a binding agreement upon purchase, with ON WYT Product Photography reserving the right to amend it as necessary. For inquiries or clarification, the Licensee is directed to contact ON WYT Product Photography directly.

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