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Passion: Make Sure It Burns

As an entrepreneur, you're going to go through many ups and downs with your career choice. You may find yourself frustrated at times of uncertainty or even blown away by new opportunities. There's knowing where you'd like to be and also realizing that you're nowhere near there - all at the same time.

At the end of the day, it all has to boil down to one specific feeling. Does your need to be an entrepreneur burn? In other words: Are you 100% passionate about whatever it is that you've chosen to do?

Time is supposed to escape from you when you enjoy what you are doing. Glancing at your digital clock every 5 minutes never really becomes a thing and the need to keep going is infinite. There is supposed to be this 5 alarm fire running ablaze in your chest at every moment and every second of each day that goes by. Passion burns like a...

So, what if it doesn't burn? If it doesn't burn then you have two options: let it go OR set yourself on fire. The first option is self-explanatory but, what does it mean to set yourself on fire? Your passion should beat your morning alarm every single day. If you've found that you're fizzling out then you've got to seek new sources of motivation and REMIND yourself of why you loved to do what you do in the first place. Find that lighter or rub those sticks together; do whatever you have to do to keep that passion going - just make sure it BURNS.

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