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Books Do Get Judged By Their Covers

I have enjoyed taking portraits over the years and what I've noticed thus far is as simple as it's going to get: your profile photo says a lot about you. Selfies just won't help you when it comes to landing that dream job or roll.

Finding the right photographer to capture the best version of you is also a key factor in getting employers to remember you. I have taken great pride in learning the tricks of the trade; you see, it's not only about the final product. The process behind it all matters too. Is your photographer easily accessible? Do they deliver their promises? Are they flexible? The answer to all of these questions should be an undeniable YES.

Getting rid of a blemish here and there doesn't exactly mean your photographer knows what they're doing. Find one (like me) who focuses on what you believe are your best features. Share the purpose for your photos and connect with a professional who can deliver beyond your expectation. Your image is everything when everything depends on it!

"Books do get judged by their covers"

Ultimately, books do get judged by their covers. Your photo should say everything about you and your photographer should have the ability to help articulate that with no words necessary. Build a bond with someone you can be comfortable with, ensure that whoever is taking your photos makes it easy to ask questions and even easier to get answers. No matter what, your final images should have you feeling unstoppable!

So, to all my readers I'll end this off with a simple question:

Who's taking your next photo?

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